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Fanap Studies and Research Center intends to contribute to technological advances for sustainable development by conducting useful research and innovating in areas related to information technology. The main specialized activities of this center include preparing knowledge-based content, R&D activities on technological products and services, market research, presenting and reviewing novel topics in various fields of information technology. In fact, we are committed to providing a dynamic research environment that meets the expectations of our target audience and creates new values through innovation, creativity and intelligence. It is clear that achieving such goals is no longer possible in isolation and without proper communication with research and industrial communities. Therefore, the center is continually looking to expand its collaborations with research institutes, universities and world-class companies with state-of-the-art technologies. We hope that our greatly purposeful efforts in this center will pave the way for useful practical developments in the field of information technology for our country and subsequently the world.

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Research Area

Concerning development of high-tech products and services, our key research areas are grounded in Enterprise Solutions, Systems Optimization, Internet of Things, Block Chain, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

Latest News

Deployment of the most extensive customized organizational total solution in steel industry

One of the managers’ going concerns is the reduction of cost accounting and optimized utilization of the available industries which is feasible through organizational total solutions. Although analysis and development make a critical step in this solution, actually the challenge mounts during the deployment of various business processes in the target organization, a phase which […]

The digital twin of today’s power in the hands of tomorrow

Wouldn’t that be great to utilize the vast resources to implement a system, deal with the risk of failure, to predict analyze and simulate different scenarios for the products, equipment and processes which are intended to change? Isn’t it exciting for engineers and technical professionals to have an environment for real-time monitoring of system behavior […]

Collaboration between FANAP Research Center and Pod artificial intelligence team collaborate on a scientific article

With the participation of the Center for Studies and Research and the POD Artificial Intelligence Team, the technical aspects of FANAP’s offline knowledge edge verification system were accepted at the prestigious Elsevier Scientific Database and one of the most prominent journals related to intelligent systems called Experts Systems with Applications. The achievement was the result […]

Call for Paper

The Journal of Applied Intelligent Systems & Information Sciences (JAISIS), under the auspices of FANAP study and Research Center, provides useful articles in the fields of information technology, artificial intelligence, information systems, and modern technologies in order to be utilized in solving the real-world problems. All the esteemed professors, students and researchers are invited to […]

Journal of Applied Intelligent Systems & Information Sciences (JAISIS)

JAISIS, owned by FANAP Company delivering Information Technology and Communication projects, encourages multi-disciplinary researches on information science with practical motivation for solving real world problems.

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