Mohammad Amini received his Ph.D. in Information Technology Engineering (e-commerce) from the school of Industrial Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, 2021. His main research interests include Multi-Agent Systems, Group Decision Making and Automated Negotiations, Machine Learning and Decision Support Systems. He also has working experience as a data scientist and data engineer in the Research Center on Developing Advanced Technologies, Tehran, Iran. Since 2015, Mohammad has been teaching as an adjunct  university lecturer in the department of computer  engineering in Alzahra Univeristy and Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.  He is also interested and teaching courses on IT strategic management, IT project management and enterprise applications integration. So far, he has translated two  books on text mining and information security and cooperated in some others.


Predictive Customer Response Modeling for Bank Direct Marketing Using Ensemble of Classifiers

the 4th International Conference on Information Technology Management, Communication and Computer

A Comparative Analysis of Fraud Detection Models in Online Auctions

1st National Conference on innovations in Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Tonkabon

The Application of Ensemble Classification Techniques in Network Intrusion Detection: a Review

the 1st National Conference on New Approaches in Computer Engineering and Information Retrieval, Roudsar, Iran.

A Taxonomy for Reputation Systems in Eelectronic Peer-to-Peer Transactions

1st National Conference on Computing and Information Technology: The New Frontiers and Shifting Trends
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