This paper is a concise representation of an industrial enterprise solution being delivered by FANAP Company, which can be regarded as one of the most giant Middle East information technology-based projects. The showcase is triggered by our customer concern demanding a tight control over the performance of its large-scale business inciting us to be involved in the serious incident of developing the enterprise resource planning (ERP). This incident possesses a non-trivial contribution in the literature since the related studies have identified the necessity for a customized ERP for Iranian Companies due to several previous failures. As the rising action to cope with this incident, an in-depth system analysis has been conducted by aiding a professional consultant. The story faces a deep crisis and approaches its climax when it comes to the deployment phase. As the denouement, it is concluded that how FANAP could surmount the complexity and challenges of such a mega-scale project employing the agile procedure plus the expertise committees’ formation.