Collaboration between FANAP Research Center and Pod artificial intelligence team collaborate on a scientific article

Article writen by:Fanap Research

With the participation of the Center for Studies and Research and the POD Artificial Intelligence Team, the technical aspects of FANAP’s offline knowledge edge verification system were accepted at the prestigious Elsevier Scientific Database and one of the most prominent journals related to intelligent systems called Experts Systems with Applications. The achievement was the result of a three-month interaction between the AI ​​team and the FANAP Center for Studies and Research to develop the content into a scientific documentary, as well as a six-month judging and correction process in an article entitled “CBCapsNet: A novel writer-independent offline signature verification model using a CNN-based architecture and Capsule Neural Networks ”and published with the scientific address of FANAP. Welcoming the request of the working teams to record valuable actions, FANAP Research and Research Center assures that the innovative activities of the company’s specialists have the necessary potential to be published in the top scientific journals.