Call for Lessons Learned from the MIDRP Project

Article writen by:Fanap Research

In today’s competitive world, one of the key solutions for the projects and companies’ success is to have close attention to the knowledge of the day as well as the previous experiences of any individual. The gained experiences might be positive like the experiences gained from a successful achievement and sometimes negative like the experiences gained from the failure of a project phase which would be conducted differently in case the project would be repeated. The management of the lessons-learned in the projects enables the project-oriented companies to have a better analysis of its projects systematically and thus register and analyze the issues, mechanisms and challenges encountered during the project and this way they reduce the risk of conducting the future projects. Given the significant role of gathering the projects’ lessons-learned in the future success, after the first phase of MIDRP project was completed an announcement was made in order to preserve and distribute the lessons-learned in MIDRP project and all the employees at any level were invited to participate in the event by registering their valuable lessons-learned. With the attempts made by FANAP Research Center, the employees lessons-learned were gathered and some meetings were held with the selected candidates and after the evaluation, out of 73 lessons-learned which have been registered, 5 lessons-learned were selected as the best ones and 11 lessons-learned were selected as the approved ones. These employees were honored on 19 August in the presence of MIDRP project managers.