A course on Comprehensive Technology

Article writen by:Fanap Research

Khatam University and FAPAP Studies and Research Center have organized the first comprehensive technology course. Given that university professors join Fanap’s skilled professionals who led the company’s main development projects in this course, it is based on the latest knowledge in the field and the real world needs of the industry. In the end, Khatam University and FANAP Research Center will award all those who pass the exam a valid certificate approved by the Ministry of Science.

📢📢 Course information Course start date: July 7,

Early registration deadline: 25

June Course duration: 186

Hours Days: Monday (14:00 to 20:00) – Thursday (8:00 to 14:00)

It is worth mentioning that there are certain discounts for early registration of organizational, group, student and FANAP employees. To register and get more information, refer to the following link:

🔗 http://tilin.ir/DataTech