The webinar on “A link between experience and research in the form of a scientific paper

Article writen by:Fanap Research

Research is the prerequisite to conduct most of the activities. Some time is dedicated to this step in each release plan and the outcome of the findings is applied to the product development. However, organizations rarely consider registering and publishing their experiences and scientific achievements. By becoming familiar with the structure of a scientific paper, how to refer to previous studies and the indicators related to publishing the findings in specialized magazines, FANAP research center hope to make a major step forward in the attempt to solve this problem. This webinar was held with the aim of familiarizing Fanap personnel with the scientific structure of the papers, the valid scientific databases, as well as how to submit papers on may, 5th 2021 by FANAP studies and research center and was welcome by the employees.

Familiarity with how to send articles to scientific journals